Transcendence Mix by Hannah Faith


For this transmission of Satta Sounds we linked up with Soulection's Hannah Faith, a young DJ hailing from London who caught our attention with her soulful selections and botanical infused photography.

This mix is a journey into Hannah Faith's mind. Fusing the sounds of cosmic jazz, afro-cuban & eclectic soul. Essential melodies for the mind to transcend into a peaceful realm.

We also touched base on Hannah's roots, how she finds balance & connection, and the sonic journeys she invites her listeners to voyage on.


Where do you attribute your roots to?

HF: I am rooted to Nigeria and St Lucia, connected to the life source of the sun. My father is Nigerian & British and my mother is from St Lucia.

Tell us about your connection with St Lucia and Nigeria, do your parents have ties with their parents homelands? How was the connection brought into your life growing up?

HF: There were a few complications with my mother which led to her not being able to look after myself and my elder siblings at a young age, therefor it was my father alongside my aunties who brought me up. My father spent most of his childhood in Ibadan from the age of 5 through to the age of 16 where he came back to London, I could imagine it was quite a confusing time for himself, having to adapt rapidly to the change in the environment.

What connected me most to my roots was the food, the way in which we receive food, so much loves goes into preparing a nigerian dish, the spices, the texture, the smell, the patience, it’s an art in itself. Food is always the main basis of connection amongst us, that and music although my fathers collection was less afrobeats + more reggae, soul and funk records. I last visited Nigeria in 2011, I’m still yet to visit my mothers family in St Lucia I feel there is much for me to learn and taking that step to visit the island will unveil a lot more about myself, a dream of mine would be to take my mother back to St Lucia, she hasn’t been back since she was 4 years old.

Throughout your visual communication theres a constant botanical dimension. Growing up in London I know there can be this struggle for balance in feeling connected with nature, how do you carve out this feeling of balance and connectedness?

HF: Through my home. My home is my sacred place, it’s my own little world where I can design my environment, I usually surround myself with plants, candles, oils, cosy blankets, books and little trinkets of artwork, ceramics, anything that adds warm fuel to my soul.

I practise self love every day, since having a severe burn out in 2015 my life seemed to have shifted and I really began to be aware of the importance of keeping yourself balanced in an environment like London, one of my favourite books The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking by Christopher Hansard, points self-love creates free will and delight. The inner light of self-love will sustain you even during times of darkness, despair and isolation. Without love and the awareness of God bringing me through these confusing times, I wouldn’t be able to feel as connected and balanced as I am today.

I acknowledge the little things and I am appreciative of it, without the little things the bigger picture is not possible. Being mindful of our loving energy and raising that into our upper consciousness will truly add a lot of enrichment to our lives amongst each other.


What's important to you these days?

HF: My health, my wellbeing + my state of mind. To be healthy is to be spiritually inclined with self, I work hard on this everyday, when I’m feeling in good health, in good spirits, then it become easier for me to transcend my good energy onto others around me.

Whats important for me is working on making this world a better place, a healthier place, a joyous place, there are a lot of people mentally suffering due to the conditioned state of mind, a lot of people struggling to connect with their divine selves, whats important for me is to do the best I can to spread light to whomever I can. We’re all capable of doing this to one another, we have higher abilities to reach beyond the 3rd dimension.

I’ve been focusing my time on studying, meditating, and working on my own brand Delika, which is my reflection of re connecting and finding balance within ourselves, from handpicked goods I’ve sourced throughout my travels to photography and visual documentation. I’m looking forward to sharing my sense of enrichment to my community.  

In your selections, how do you hope to make people feel. Tell us about the journey you envision for your listeners.

HF: I hope to make people feel at peace, to eliminate the stress in which is placed into their lives. Music is a powerful element, like Fela said you do not play with music. It has the abilities to heal but also destruct, I feel it’s important to be mindful of what we are listening too. A lot of music these days has been created to numb the brain and limit ourselves from reaching a higher frequency. The music you listen to is a reflection of your health, I create mixes to soothe the soul, I only create what I feel and that transcends sonically throughout each transition.

My mantra when I first started dj’ing was RCLV (relax, chill, listen, vibe) which still resonates till this day, music is free’ing and I would like to hope I cater towards that through my mixes somehow.

Peace x

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