With serious potential to make the textile industry more sustainable, requiring little water & no pesticides, it poses a serious challenge to cotton and synthetic fibres whose energy-intensive manufacturing processes leak toxic byproducts all along the supply chain.

In light of these unpleasant realities, we've created a range of hemp basics that have you covered across the seasons.



1. No pesticides USED

Conventional cotton alone uses 25% of the world’s pesticides. Hemp is grown without a single one.

2. minimal water needed

The plant thrives with minimal water so even when there’s a drought, hemp will flourish – in only 4 months.


Thanks to hemp’s natural protein structure and an integral ability to fend of nasty bacteria, it’s comfortable for even the most sensitive of skins.


Hemp clothing, like bamboo clothing, has this really smart ability to know when you’re a bit cold or a little too warm. It’ll respond and react to what your body needs most.

5. compost heap friendly

So when your clothes are beyond repair you can throw it on the compost heap (if you have one). It’ll naturally break down, though we recommend tearing or cutting it into pieces to help it along the way.

s h o p   t h e   r a n g e